Resolving lives through the Light of Islamic Family Law

Committed to Justice.

Revelations received by Prophet Muhammed around 610 CE onwards set the foundational stones for the formation of a future state, fashioned with Divine laws, principles of rights and accountability, a paradigm for societal balance, setting the framework for the Islamic way of life, all forged into a single book, The Holy Quran.

Representing the guidelines from the Quran, we are a large body of Muslim Leaders from North America, serving with a commitment to justice since 1987, dedicated to the success and welfare of faithful followers of Islam all over the world.



Serving the Muslim Community for more than three decades, this council has fulfilled the religious needs across the world, through the Grace of Allah.


Due to the Divine origin of The Quran, we have been resilient in overcoming obstacles.

And it is thus that We appointed you to be the community of the middle way so that you might be witnesses to all mankind and the Messenger might be a witness to you.

– Surat Al-Baqarah, verse 143.

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